Wednesday, June 18, 2014

PythonJS GPU Mandelbrot

PythonJS now supports translation of a limited subset of Python syntax into GPU code. This is done with a new GLSL backend using the WebCLGL library by Roberto Gonzalez. The above benchmark calculates the Mandelbrot set for a size of 512x512, CPython3 with NumPy takes over eight seconds to complete, PythonJS specialized version takes just 0.2 seconds.

source code:

40X faster is probably not the best that WebCLGL can do, this benchmark was performed with a low-end GPU. To run the benchmarks yourself, install Python2 and Python3, and extract the latest PyPy to your home directory, and install NumPy for each. Install the NodeWebkit NPM package. Then run these commands, and it will save the file /tmp/

git clone
git clone
cd PythonJS/regtests
./run ./bench/

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